99p Stores utilise Watchdog criticism for marketing advantage

By on Friday, April 27, 2012

An example of some very clever PR used by 99p Stores, in reaction to criticism given to them by BBC Watchdog. After the companies’ slogan of ‘We won’t be beaten on price’ was claimed to be incorrect, the chain responded with this cheeky and extremely intuitive piece of marketing, literally using Watchdog’s research as a positive for their company. Owner and co-counder of the 99p Stores, Hussein Lalani appeared on the programme himself to reveal the companies latest poster, depicting the BBC’s evidence as a positive.

A great PR stunt and who am I to argue with the facts!? He says how he has removed all the posters claiming ‘unbeatable value’ and replaced them with the new signs as pictured, claiming humorously ‘I think those odds are stacked in the consumers favour!’

Matt Galloway (@mattagalloway)


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