Cinema-goers confused in Alzheimer's awareness stunt

By on Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To promote international Alzheimer's Awareness Week, ad agency ACW delivered the following campaign for the Alzheimer's Association of Israel.

The idea was to make cinema-goers experience the feelings of 'confusion and disorientation' Alzheimer's sufferers deal with on a daily basis, by making them think they were watching the wrong movie.

Alzheimer's awareness stunt Israel cinema

Watch the fun unfold below:


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This follows a number of recent stunts aimed at cinema-goers, including Carlsberg's biker stunt from last September and the brilliant Walking Dead trailer you may have seen on PRexamples last month.

See both below.

Carlsberg stunts with bikers in cinema

The Walking Dead series 2 trailer

Thanks to Michael Greer for tweeting with this.


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