Pooch Power Hits TV Advertising

By on Monday, February 13, 2012

First there was pester power when adverts were aimed at kids to get their parents to purchase goodies. Now, someone at Baker’s Dog Food has come up with the idea of  targeting dogs with an advert that only dogs will be able to hear.

Dog food ad Baker's sounds

While the dog may hear the whistle/pitch or whatever it is alleged, just how would the animals then persuade their owners to buy this particular brand of food?

Granted it is extremely clever – the marketing department was certainly working overtime on this – followed by the PR department who achieved mega results.  Especially as it got substantial coverage on BBC and all the other channels, online and is one of the most discussed items to have hit the dog food shelves.

Next thing you know dogs will be reading the papers and choosing owners.

Source: Yahoo News


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