guidelines for bloggers

Here’s some loose guidelines;

most important don’t write anything that’ll get us both sued (please)

  1. To create a post go to ADD NEW
  2. Remember to select a CATEGORY  – you’ll see that in the right hand side of the dashboard
  3. In the category menu Click ALL and then a sector category e.g. Food and Drink
  4. Remember to add any relevant TAGS – e.g. if it’s about Burger King tag as Burger King
  5. Photots – as a general rule if they are promotional images issued by a brand there should be no issue – otherwise ask permission and give credit.
  6. Links back to media where you saw the story help our SEO – in the menu above you’ll see a symbol that looks like a staple
  7. If the campaign is one of yours (your agency or your brand did it) that’s totally fine but – please say so and don’t be afraid of personalising it and sharing some of the back story
  8. Do be as opinionated as you like
  9. Spend some time on making the headline nice and punchy
  10. Summarise the story in the first sentence
  11. double check for typos and grammar
  13. Then email us and we’ll post on twitter/Linked in – and we’ll tag your twitter a/c too – if you want

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