LG’s new tech helps combat menopausal hot flushes

By on Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Women face many changes and symptoms during menopause. Most commonly, hot flushes. So, LG has utilised AI to create a game-changing technology that helps menopausal women manage night time hot flushes – Menopause Mode.

Although we are starting to get over period taboo, the conversation around menopause is still lacking behind – with 7 in 10 people still seeing menopause as a taboo topic that is awkward to address in conversation. Meaning many of us don’t even know the most common menopausal symptoms…

In LG’s latest campaign, they shed light on the most common symptom, hot flushes, and have created an innovative tech that combats them when they are at their worst – night time.

Using a smartwatch app, that pairs with an LG air conditioning unit, the app monitors body temperature, blood oxygen, and heart rate in real-time to identify hot flushes during the night. The app immediately sends a signal, which cools the room efficiently within 10 minute, providing instant relief without having to get out of bed. Afterwards, the aircon returns to the original temperature setting ensuring no chilly nights!

“It’s not just an app that improves women’s well-being. Menopause Mode is taking the smart home to the next level. For the first time, it’ll react to the body’s vital signs,”

Once properly rolled out across the globe, the technology has the power to significantly impact and benefit millions of women’s lives. Exactly what we like to see!

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