Fried Chicken and Social Media: VOXI’s Ingenious Boxi Campaign

By on Monday, July 8, 2024

VOXI Mobile, renowned for catering to social media enthusiasts, has introduced a unique solution for the Gen Z demographic: converting 50,000 fried chicken boxes into mobile phone stands. This initiative aims to keep chicken where it belongs – in mouths, not on phones.

The VOXI Boxi addresses a prevalent issue among chicken shop patrons. Research indicates that 87% of people engage with social media while dining at these establishments. VOXI, inspired by the popularity of chicken shops, has crafted an ingenious fried chicken box that transforms into a phone stand. This clever design helps users avoid the greasy smears on their screens caused by oily, spicy fingers.

Transforming the chicken box into a phone stand involves just three simple steps. With VOXI’s plans offering unlimited social media access, customers can indulge in their fried chicken while scrolling, posting, and liking without worrying about data usage or a grease-covered phone.

The VOXI Boxi chicken boxes are available in 51 chicken shops across the nation, including popular chains like Morley’s, Chicken Cottage, and Chicken Valley. This tongue-in-cheek marketing strategy is a testament to VOXI’s innovative approach to merging everyday activities with seamless social media engagement.


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