Pokémon teams up with Le Creuset to cook up a Poké-tastic Cookware Collection

By on Monday, June 17, 2024

The latest cookware collaboration, ‘Le Creuset x Pokémon’, is the perfect blend of nostalgia and functionality. Launching in July 2024, the limited edition range combines the renowned French-Belgian cookware products with the beloved Pokémon franchise’s iconic characters.

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From Pikachu-themed Cocotte cooking pots to Marmite pots featuring Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur outlines, each item in this collection aims to embody Pokémon’s playful and whimsical spirit whilst showcasing Le Creuset’s quality craftsmanship to seamlessly enhance everyday kitchen routines.

This limited edition range extends to coloured stacking mugs, plates and rice bowls, adorned with popular Pokémon silhouettes such as the iconic Poké Ball plates. Le Creuset hope to inspire people of all ages to start cooking, and sees the collaboration as a way of easing in those new to cooking.

Designed to appeal to families and Pokémon enthusiasts alike, the collection’s initial release will be exclusive to Japan, Asia, Oceania, and South Africa, with a second wave expected in November 2024.

In a nod to pop culture, the ‘Le Creuset x Pokémon’ collection wants to bring beloved characters into the kitchen, blending culinary craftsmanship with cultural nostalgia.

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