KFC wants customers to ‘believe in chicken’, not politicians

By on Friday, June 14, 2024

With the upcoming election looming close, distrust and misinformation is everywhere. But KFC wants to remind you what you can believe in: the quality of their chicken.

Yes, you heard it right. KFC is bringing a bit of fun and faith back with their cheeky unbranded ads all over London.

Nationwide outdoor media feature cryptic messages like “believe in spices” and “trust in herbs”, all in KFC’s iconic red and black colours.

But they didn’t stop at billboards and digital posters, KFC makes a cheeky political statement by using ad vans to draw attention to spots in Westminster for which the public have lost trust.

Additionally, one of their most talked-about stunts includes a massive 260ft chicken figure painted in a field close to Gatwick Airport which travellers can see under the flight path and get a warm, crispy welcome as they enter customs!

Kate Wall, KFC’s marketing director, says, “Leading up to our biggest ever brand campaign, we’re hoping to capture the power of intrigue. The unbranded activity, which carries the signature KFC tone, is designed to spark conversation, especially among KFC fans.”

So, in a world where it’s hard to trust what’s real, KFC is making sure there’s one thing you can always count on: delicious chicken!

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