Ikea campaign spotlights victims of domestic violence

By on Wednesday, June 12, 2024

IKEA, in association with Save the Children, is spotlighting the plight of over 120,000 Australians, many women and children, who are homeless due to domestic violence.

As part of its ‘This is not a home’ campaign, IKEA’s Tempe store (Sydney) presents installations depicting real-life living conditions of victims.

Victims forced to seek shelter in places that should never have to be called a home – whether that’s a car, a tent or sleeping on a friend’s couch.

The campaign leverages real-life case studies e.g. Twenty-three-year-old Claire and her two young children had been calling their car home after escaping violence from her former partner, Paul.

Customers encounter scenes of a car and a tent serving as homes, and a sofa being used as a bed – installations fuelled by real-life case studies.

This poignant initiative hopes to bring the issue of hidden homelessness into the limelight.

IKEA Australia believes in the right to a safe, stable, and secure home, and through this campaign aims to challenge the perception of what constitutes a home.

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