Heinz X Kappa celebrate the unsung heroes who keep fans fed on match day

By on Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Heinz and Kappa have jumped on the Euros bandwagon with their latest collaboration to give the real Italian football stars a platform.

Heinz and Italian sportswear brand, Kappa have worked with creative agency Dude Milan to spotlight the true heroes of football… the sandwich makers who keep Italian fans full on match day!

The kit isn’t your usual design – opting for an apron over a T-shirt. The apron showcases iconography from both Kappa and Heinz as well as a Paninari club badge, a football collar with a sauce-inspired design, and the iconic Heinz number 57.

Though their partnership might feel random – their collaboration has a deeper, more layered story – the kit is named Paninari after not only the sandwich makers, but also a 1980’s fashion movement.

In short, Paninari was a youth subculture in 1980s Italy, known for their love of fashion, music, and fast food.

Paninari originated in Milan but quickly spread through the whole of Italy – their rejection of slow-food in favour of the exciting fast food-mania of America led to these funky fashionistas hanging around the shops serving the fastest food Italy had to offer… sandwiches! They hung around iconic sandwich shops such as the Cafê Paninaro in Milan… hence the name.

History lesson and a brand collaboration in one? Aren’t you lucky!

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