Ikea employ cats and dogs to promote their new pet range

By on Friday, May 17, 2024

This morning, Ikea launched their pet collection UTSÅDD on a TikTok livestream, hosted by none other than the pets themselves.

The products were promoted on The Pet Shopping Network, which in short, involves pets selling products to other pets. The teleshopping expert cats and dogs demonstrated the new products for the online audience, as well as interacting with the public at home through a number of live polls.

“In classic teleshopping style, there is no better person to talk about a product than those who will be using it. With The Pet Shopping Network, we’ve got part customer research and part entertainment, in one package”

To add to fun, you can actually call the pet experts on +447301429730, to get a one-on-on pet review. What more could you want?

The collection was developed alongside vets, pet product experts and an informed panel of cats and dogs. Yes, you heard that right…

The range includes 29 pieces which are centred around our pets most common activities – eating, sleeping, playing, and hiding. And, in turn, making these activities fun and easy for both pet and owner.

If you want to have a little look at the collection, here’s the link.

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