Does your hairstyle look like a Burger King ‘Bald Thru’?

By on Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Burger King has smartly engaged in the lively discussion surrounding hair loss in Brazil, where playful nicknames like ‘little pool bald’, ‘hairy bald’, and ‘long forehead’ are commonly heard. Recognising an opportunity, the fast-food giant creatively drew an analogy between these distinctive hair loss patterns and the unique structure of its drive-thru – characterized by an entrance on one side, a seamless pathway through the canter, and an exit on the other. This clever comparison led Burger King to humorously appoint the drive-thru as its whimsical new brand ambassador.


In an innovative promotional move, individuals who embraced the ‘Bald Thru’ hairstyle were invited to visit any Burger King drive-thru to claim a complimentary Whopper. The idea was simple yet powerful: show up with your bald style, order through the drive-thru, and enjoy a free burger on the house.


The response was overwhelming. Within just the first five days of the campaign, over half a million enthusiasts sporting bald looks descended upon Burger King outlets across the country, eager to participate and indulge in the offer. This mass participation highlighted not only the campaign’s wide appeal but also the playful spirit with which customers embraced their baldness.

This unique initiative was brought to life in a vibrant advertising campaign crafted by DAVID São Paulo. The agency skilfully spotlighted a diverse array of ‘Bald Thru’ styles, celebrating both naturally bald heads and those creatively shaved for the occasion. The campaign not only highlighted the inclusive nature of the promotion but also showcased the brand’s light-hearted approach to engaging with its customers. Through this innovative marketing strategy, Burger King not only fuelled conversations around common insecurities like hair loss but also connected with its audience in a uniquely personal and memorable way.

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