Heinz gives ketchup enthusiasts a strategically placed anger tool in ‘Smack For Heinz’ campaign

By on Friday, April 5, 2024

In the latest instalment of Heinz’ fight back against establishments that refuse to sell ketchup, the beloved condiment brand has employed some modern-day activism. The ‘Smack For Heinz’ campaign enables individuals to reclaim control of their favourite condiment by providing billboards dispensing Heinz ketchup outside restaurants that refuse to serve it.

The billboard campaign is a funny acknowledgment of the classic Heinz bottle tap, yet also allows the public to get out their frustration at restaurants that don’t serve ketchup. Ketchup fans across the nation could reclaim their power by reporting restaurants that didn’t serve the tomato sauce.

However, behind the amusing gesture is a purposeful intent. Take Chicago, which is notorious for its ketchup hatred; Heinz hopes to appease hot dog fans by putting the condiment within arm’s reach, bridging the distance for those craving a dollop of tomatoey pleasure.

Not only was this campaign a stroke of genius, but it also offered restaurant owners insight into the extent of ketchup enthusiasts. I can only hope that next time these restaurants ketch-up on the ketchup craze.

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