Heineken converts Irish Pubs into Museums to campaign for tax benefits

By on Monday, April 29, 2024

Heineken’s latest move is all about celebrating the heart and soul of Irish culture – the pub.

By employing augmented reality (AR) technology, Heineken are transforming beloved Irish pubs into virtual ‘Pub Museums’ to highlight their importance, preserve their stories for future generations… and argue for tax exemptions.

Whilst Irish pubs are globally recognised cultural icons and each one is full of decades of rich, local history, they do not get the same recognition as other historical landmarks like galleries and museums which enjoy governmental grants and tax exemptions.

This is especially problematic in the face of the challenges currently faced by the hospitality sector which are causing the closure of huge numbers of pubs across the country and in turn, the loss of valuable stories and heirlooms.

To help safeguard Irish pubs’ history and communities, Heineken’s campaign quite literally transforms a handful of Ireland’s most iconic pubs into virtual museums. Visitors able to scan a QR code on plaques outside the pub and historical artefacts within the pub to go on a 360° digital journey through time.

Through rich descriptions, immersive 3D animations and engaging audio guides, the campaign not only unlocks the tales behind each pub’s history and design but also redefines what the pub experience actually means.

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