Female-led beer brand Muschicraft sheds light on outdated legislation

By on Tuesday, March 19, 2024

What makes ‘The Most Illegal Beer’ illegal? It’s alcohol content? Drunk and disorderly behaviour? Nope. It’s because it was made by women…

Muschicraft, a female-led craft beer brand has launched ‘The Most Illegal Beer’, to draw attention to the fact that in over 50 countries women are still prohibited from brewing beer…

The campaign features women from around the world coming together and challenging the specific laws native to their home country. The film follows women crafting alcohol (prohibited in Lebanon), cleaning machinery (illegal in Uruguay and 10 other countries) and carrying heavy objects (banned in 22 countries including Russia) – in an attempt to challenge these rules, spark difficult conversations and push for gender equality worldwide.

“Our beer was created as a bold provocation against the patriarchal world. In this world, the standard is male: Beer is the drink for ‘men;’ rules are written by ‘men,’” Tschannett elaborates. “We want to challenge this. Changes always start from conversations. My intention is to give people the topic of conversation with this beer – they should talk about gender equality and how we can achieve it.

The bottle is designed to look like a woman’s vaginal labia, forcing potentially uncomfortable conversations and tackling beer gender stereotypes head on.

The proceeds from the campaign are going to Women For Women International and a number of drinks have been sent to justice ministries and legislative bodies in countries with restrictive laws – taking the issue straight to the source of the problem.

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