Is he CeraVe? The truth behind the Michael Cera and CeraVe campaign

By on Thursday, February 8, 2024

Michael Cera becoming the face of  fan favourite skincare line, CeraVe, just makes sense.

In the beginning of 2024, Canadian actor Michael Cera, sparked confusion as he’d been spotted walking around New York carrying bags filled with CeraVe’s signature Moisturising Cream.

Influencers had seemingly bumped into him in a store plastering stickers of himself and signing bottles, tagging Cerave and demanding an explanation.

This caused social media to erupt, debating whether or not Michael Cera had developed CeraVe or if it was a brand partnership as he rarely ever does one.

Arguments escalated so much so that CeraVe had to chime in on their Instagram and confirm that he did not develop CeraVe, but was in fact developed by dermatologists.

Phase two of the CeraVe campaign was the release of he ‘I am CeraVe’ website, which includes a ’90s-esque luxury perfume ad, tapping into Michael Cera’s humour.

David Greenberg, CEO of L’Oréal USA, which has owned CeraVe since its acquisition in 2017, has praised the partnership saying

“You have this interesting juxtaposition of serious medicalized skin care supported by doctors, with this love, admiration and connection to the everyday consumer that’s largely happening on social media”

Turns out that this viral partnership was a build up marketing campaign ahead of the first ever CeraVe Super Bowl commercial.

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