Angel of the North illuminates Shelter’s message on housing crisis

By on Monday, February 26, 2024

Shelter, the UK’s leading charity dedicated to tackling homelessness and poor housing, has sounded the alarm on a housing emergency gripping the North East of England, with struggling families on endless waiting lists and poor standards of living amidst a national cost of living crisis.

Using the Angel of the North as a canvas for their message, Shelter projected powerful statements to raise awareness about the escalating housing crisis such as “Waiting Lists in the North East have increased this much” and “The North East must fight for home”. By harnessing the region’s iconic landmark, the charity hope to inspire communities to rally together and ignite a movement for change.

Rental rates in the private housing sector have skyrocketed, pushing more individuals and families towards social housing. According to Shelter’s data, the waiting list for council housing in North East England has increased by nearly 51% in just one year, far surpassing any other region in England.

Tracy Guy, strategic lead at Shelter North East, said: “The housing emergency is ruining lives across the North East. Through our services we hear horror stories of people’s dire housing situations – people with damp and mould problems, people who can’t find anywhere to live, private renters who are too terrified to ask for basic repairs for fear of eviction – the same stories day in and day out.”

As the North East grapples with this housing emergency, Shelter’s message rings loud and clear: Every person deserves a safe and dignified place to call home.

More on Shelter’s work here.

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