Riverford Organic Farmers are scaring Parliament into protecting British farms

By on Thursday, January 25, 2024

Scarecrows have appeared outside of Parliament as MPs prepare to discuss changes to the grocery supply chain.

Veg box company, Riverford Organic Farms, have erected 49 scarecrows, each representing one percent of the fruit and vegetable famers who believe they will be out of business in the next year due to unfair treatment by ‘Big Six’ supermarket in the UK.

The demonstration was planned for the same day that MPs were preparing to discuss changes and amendments ┬áto the Grocery Supply Code of Practice (GSCP). This comes after a petition by Riverford Organic secured over 112,00 signatures calling for regulations, ensuring supermarkets stick to “fair” buying agreements.

Founder Guy Singh-Watson said:

“Without fairer treatment for farmers, the reality is the destruction of British farming along with the landscape, wildlife and rural communities it once supported. For farmers, the clock is ticking. We urge the Government to take action now to safeguard the future of British agriculture.”

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