Hendrick’s Gin rebrand as Hendrick’s Gym to motivate Dry January participants

By on Monday, January 8, 2024

Hendrick’s Gin want to help gin enthusiasts during Dry January by making their own change for the new year – becoming a gym for the entire month of January.

As part of their new years resolution, the Scottish booze brand has announced a bizarrely hilarious variety of mixology-themed exercise classes and have even released new sporty merch through its Tiny Shop.

The brand’s spokesperson explained that “Hendrick’s GYM is here to help gin enthusiasts improve their cocktail-making flair and form, so we all may be at our finest for the 11-month 2024 cocktail season”.

According to Hendrick’s Gym, these following five exercised will aid those taking a break from booze this month to become cocktail-making connoisseurs for the remaining 11 months of the year:

Weighted Cocktail Shaking – “This method of adding resistance to cocktail shaking enables an elevation of form and poise for shaking all manner of cocktails.”

High Repetition Garnishing – “You’ll be amazed how this action of slicing and positioning an otherworldly amount of garnishes on a single glass, will improve your ability to place one or two garnishes with effortless panache and elegance.”

Pinky Curls – “Whilst relatively unimportant in normal life, the pinky is a star performer in the world of cocktails. The stronger this little digit is, the more it will extend it with grace and elan.”

Resistance Cheersing – “This straightforward yet challenging exercise will help you cheers with spontaneity and confidence at the drop of a hat.”

Host Congeniality Drills – “Just a few sessions of this surprisingly demanding exercise will noticeably boost your capacity to handle even the most ill-mannered situation with warmth and generosity.”

If joining the actual gym seems too daunting this month, why not try some of the above exercises and tackle Dry January head on!

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