Hendrick’s Gin goes ‘Bottle-Positive’ for Valentine’s Day

By on Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Hendrick’s enters the fashion space for the first time with “Gintimates”. Teaming up with Wiederhoeft, the two brands have created a gift perfect for your gin-loving valentine. 


The Wiederhoeft-designed capsule collection includes three alluring and delicately handmade pieces: 

Bottle Corset: A sheer and luxurious number, this piece is meant to savor the seductive beauty of the voluptuous Hendrick’s bottle that embellishes your bar cart 

Pinky Garter: Aimed to maintain sophistication as you toast to any manner of delights, this piece will accentuate your daintiest finger and remind you to keep your pinky up 

Cocktail Garnish Chain & Pasty: An elegant rose not for your vase, but for your most cherished martini glass. Pro tip – this accessory is particularly enticing alongside a cucumber garnish 

Michael Giardina, Vice President of Marketing at Hendrick’s Gin said: “Hendrick’s has a reputation for putting our own peculiar twist on consumer culture and we’re often inspired by odd traditions of the romantic eras of our past. As we approached Valentine’s Day, the world of undergarments was a natural place to explore. Connecting over cocktails is an integral part of the Valentine’s Day holiday, so we sought out to create the world’s first and only collection of cocktail intimates to elevate your cocktailing.” 

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