Burger King calls for the infamously volcanic McDonald Island to be renamed

By on Monday, January 22, 2024

Burger King Brazil have added fuel to the fire, and made a play for McDonald Island – claiming that “a place with real fire cannot be called McDonald’s” (ooo burn!)

The island which is located between Madagascar and Antarctica, is known for its volcanic activity, meaning it’s only natural that the piece of land be named after the brand’s iconic flame-grilled burgers… Whopper Island!

The two minute mockumentary urges viewers to look up the island’s precise coordinates, 53º04’35.69”S 73º30’49.18”E, and asks them to comment #IlhaWhopper in the hopes that it will aid their campaign to change the islands name. Those who do so, will also be in with a chance of winning a Whopper coupon. Win win really…

To prove their commitment to the cause, the brand also flew a number of their Whopper burgers out to the island’s keepers – “If anyone deserves a hot, fire-grilled burger, it’s this team that takes such good care of our volcanoes.”

The campaign is yet another fun play in the two brands iconic rivalry. Burger King have very cleverly drawn attention to the fact that their burgers are individually flame-grilled and McDonalds are, well, not… Whilst also having some fun with an extremely well-known piece of land.

To be honest with you, we think they kind of have a point!

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