PhoFix – Vietnamese food chain sets up a ‘hangover-curing’ pop-up

By on Wednesday, December 13, 2023

At what appears to be the busiest time of year for Christmas parties (and consequently hangovers), Vietnamese restaurant chain, Pho, has set up a pop-up ‘hangover-curing’ station for suffering Londoners.

Taking place on the 12th-13th December, the pop-up offers a range of complimentary cures, one being a vitamin-rich IV drip, rumoured to be one of the quickest hangover remedies… if the IV drip isn’t for you, there is also freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices up for grabs, as well as complimentary skincare products, and, of course, hot bowls of  Vietnamese Pho.

Pho has been highly recognised as having nourishing qualities, packed with natural antioxidants, vegetables full of vitamins, and bone broth – a healthy addition to your diet! Their freshly squeezed juices include mint, lime & carrot, and apple & ginger which all have anti-inflammatory and immune boosting qualities.

The skincare products have been brought to life through a partnership with Patchology – providing soothing eye gels and hydration masks that will combat the puffy face that often accompanies a hangover!

Libby Andrews, Marketing Director of Pho said “For twenty years our customers and staff have raved about our soups as their go-to hangover cure. During the Christmas party season, there is no better way to replenish and refuel when you’re feeling a bit worse for wear.”

If you’re planning for a big hangover this festive season, pop down to Soho to find The Pho Fix (which is free to enter). Pho is also giving away free bowls of food in participating locations across England on a first come, first served basis.

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