Scent-sational! Impulse and Frankie Bridge revive the 90s

By on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Former pop star and TV presenter Frankie Bridge has embarked on a journey down memory lane, helping to pay homage to some of the 90s most iconic looks. The new campaign, in collaboration with Impulse, sees her sport some of the most recognisable looks of the decade – including Geri Haliwell’s Union Jack dress, and Cher Horowitz’s classic yellow tartan suit from Clueless.

The campaign was created to celebrate the return of two of Impulse’s legendary 90s fragrances – O2 and Air. Other looks Frankie styled included Mariah Carey’s timeless ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ Santa catsuit, and Liz Hurley’s bold safety pin dress.

The looks were carefully crafted by a team of expert stylists and wigmakers, and have been released alongside research conducted by Impulse surrounding the 90s – with 43% of the nation feeling nostalgia for the era, and two-thirds (67%) of those born after the time wishing they were able to experience it.

Impulse’s research also revealed a collection of the most iconic celebrity and pop culture looks of the decade, with a list of the top 15 voted by Brits. The frontrunner was Geri’s Union Jack dress, which Frankie styles in the campaign, and Princess Diana’s revenge dress came a close second.

Bartholomew Krysiak, Impulse Brand Director, said: “We have recreated some of the most famous 90s looks to celebrate the revival and return of a renowned 90s product, Impulse O2 and Air. Beloved by 90’s teens, who begged us to bring back the two scents, we are transporting people back in time to relive some of their best memories.”

Former singer in The Saturdays and S Club Juniors, Frankie said: “Before I joined a pop group, I used to love dressing up and performing as my favourite icons for my friends and family. I’ve loved recreating some of my favourite pop culture memories. Impulse was always in my bag growing up and it instantly transports me back in time to the 90s.”

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