Our favourite Christmas ads (so far…)

By on Tuesday, November 7, 2023

With Halloween out of the way, the Christmas ads are coming to town! Here are our favourites so far:

Duracell – Bunny Saves Christmas

Duracell have launched their first “Bunny saves Christmas” ad in 5 years – promoting Duracell Optimum’s performance, which ensures that nothing will dampen the magic of a magical family Christmas.

The advert follows a stressed-out Santa on Christmas Eve when Rudolph’s  bright red nose begins to flicker and eventually goes out, this results in Santa and his sleigh crashing. Incomes iconic Duracell bunny to save the day and replaces the batteries in Rudolph’s nose with longer lasting Duracell ones. The bunny adds his sack of Duracell batteries to the back of Santa’s sleigh mentioning ‘The toys will need them too’ before speeding off. The ad ends with the bunny telling us not to risk it and choose Duracell this Christmas.


Asda – Popping the Bublé 

Asda launched a teaser for their Christmas advert, highlighting the switch from Halloween to Christmas on the dot of midnight on 1st November.

The advert shows colleagues in a break room, when they suddenly see the clock strike midnight, making note of the switch, the Asda workers hear a strange gargling coming from somewhere. Walking through Asda hallways they are met with the seasonal change on the supermarket shelves, the continuous sound of the gargling adventure brings them to a door with a 1st of November date.  The colleagues look at each other in shock upon first inspection as under a spot light in the middle of darkness is a Michael Bublé, he begins to sing the very famous ‘Its beginning to look like Christmas’ song.

Aldi- Kevin the Carrot and Co. 

Kevin the Carrot visits ‘William Conker and the Christmas factory’, created by McCann Manchester. The festive ad, sees Kevin the Carrot return to celebrate the joy of sharing.

The 2023 Christmas ad for discount supermarket Aldi features Kevin the Carrot getting into further mischief, this time at William Conker’s magical “Christmas Factory.”

A play on the work from Roald Dahl, the advert shows five lucky winners excitedly waiting to enter the magical Christmas Factory. Kevin begins his tour of the holiday-themed factory, stopping to chat with a variety of cunning characters along the route. Kevin asks the innocent question, “Can I share my good fortune with everyone?” after passing the test and being handed the ‘cheese’ to the factory. “Seasonal goodwill was truly in the air as Christmas is a time that’s sweeter when you share,” reads the final line of the advertisement.

Coca-Cola – The Spirit of Santa in Everyone

The Christmas ad was developed by WPP Open X, and celebrates the spirit of  generosity as well as focusing on ‘the magic of kindness’ .

The advert follows the theme of ‘needing more Santa Clauses’ where hundreds of Santa’s are shown strolling throughout the city.

As the narrative progresses, we witness numerous Santa’s lending a hand and providing support to others, leading us to believe that, beneath all the Santa’s, there is a world full of goodness. The ad ends with the phrase “The World Needs More Santa’s,” reveals that what viewers have been seeing has actually been people expressing their “inner Santa” as they carry out deeds of kindness and giving.











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