Olaplex turns the tables on dupers with ‘Oladupé’ campaign

By on Wednesday, October 4, 2023

In a clever twist on the concept of product dupes, haircare titan Olaplex has launched an innovative campaign.

The move comes after the brand utilised social listening tools to discern that a staggering 30.4 million TikTok users were on the hunt for effective Olaplex alternatives or ‘dupes’ – hashtag #Olaplexdupe).

Rather than watching from the sidelines, the company decided to engage with the trend head-on with a dupe – ‘Oladupé’.

Collaborating with over 100 influencers, both sponsored and organic, Olaplex rolled out a series of unboxing videos, where these digital trendsetters provided ratings for the mysterious new product. The intriguingly labelled ‘No. 160’ pays homage to the brand’s impressive 160 patented ingredients.

However, the real twist in the tale came when consumers were directed to purchase the product where they discovered that the ‘dupe’ was, in fact, a ruse, but not one without a reward. Shoppers were offered a 20% discount, turning potential disappointment into a delightful surprise.

The innovative campaign has been lauded for its deep understanding of the modern consumer psyche. With a mix of humour, surprise, and engagement, Olaplex has ensured that it remains a step ahead in the fiercely competitive beauty industry.


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