Marmite teases Gen-Z with provocative ‘First Timers’ campaign

By on Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Marmite is targeting the younger demographic with a cheeky campaign titled “First Timers”, after a survey revealed that 43% of 18-24 year-olds haven’t tasted the spread.

Aligned with Freshers’ week, the 60-second ad by adam&eveDDB showcases puppets trying Marmite on toast.

Accompanied by a ridiculously catchy, remixed electro track (“Workout” by Giraffage), the film uses playful innuendos, concluding with “Love it. Hate it. Get it on.”

Furthering the theme, Marmite plans to distribute sampling kits at universities, initiate a TikTok challenge, “Are you a Marmite First-Timer?”, and a Tinder quiz, “Sticky Situations”, using witty language.

Marmite Brand Manager, Laura Iliffe, emphasized the brand’s intent to attract the younger audience and encourage them to try Marmite.

Ben Tollett of adam&eveDDB humorously mentioned using “filthy-minded puppets” after established comedy duos declined the project.


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