Just Eat stage rap opera with Christina Aguilera and Latto

By on Friday, October 13, 2023

In an evolution of its celebrated ‘Did Somebody Say’ brand campaign, Just Eat has recruited the vocal prowess of pop icon, Christina Aguilera, and the effervescent energy of hip-hop maestro, Latto.

Capitalising on the acclaim garnered by collabs with Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry, this new campaign delivers visual and aural feast for the food delivery service.

The ad, the brainchild of McCann London, casts both Aguilera and Latto in an opulent Baroque milieu, regally garbed as operatic sovereigns.

Amidst an ambiance of luxury, they are presented with an array of gastronomic delights, whilst being serenaded and danced around by couriers and operatic performers in choreographic splendour.

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