Listerine X Compound’s latest collaboration highlight the gap in the dental industry

By on Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Listerine’s latest partnership with creative agency and lifestyle brand ‘Compound’ has really given us something to sink our teeth into.

Credit: Listerine

Recent research has revealed that only 4% of dentists in the U.S. are Black – whilst over 40% of Black adults are currently living with dental cavities and tooth decay. Following these shocking stats, Listerine has collaborated with Compound on a new campaign ‘The Whoa Collective’ which aims to shine a light on this dentistry diversity gap.

Credit: Listerine

As part of the partnership, Listerine has worked with artist King Saladeen; and producer Thundercat to create a limited edition bottle as well a distinctive song to accompany the campaign.

Known for his striking contemporary art, King Saladeen has created a unique limited design bottle wrap as well as an equally bold slipper-and-robe combo for the lucky receivers of ‘The Whoa Collective’ mailers to enjoy.

In addition to the bottle revamp, Listerine enlisted the help of two-time Grammy Award winning producer Thundercat to create a super swish tune, inspired by Listerine’s ‘whoa’ mouthwash feel.  

Proceeds will go to the IDID (Increasing Diversity In Dentistry pipeline program), an organisation dedicated to developing, supporting and guiding minority pre-dental and dental students, to help finally close the diversity gap in dentistry. Now that’s refreshing!

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