WWF’s campaign on WTF happened to the Twitter bird

By on Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Recently the internet has been mourning the loss of our beloved Twitter logo, and the internet has coped in the only way it knows: bountiful memes and tweets.

McCann agency has worked with WWF to capitalises on this outcry, attempting to channel these emotions into reflecting on our planet.

The caption reads “Protect our wildlife, before it’s too late.”

Their photo campaign uses the retirement of the Twitter bird to serve as a poignant reminder of the critical issue of extinction. It visually represents the evolution and eventual demise, later turning into by an X, reminiscent of cartoon character deaths.

The photo campaign was shared on the McCann Germany’s LinkedIn account, accompanied by some shocking stats about the current extinction rate that we are experiencing, reportedly the highest since the dinosaur age.

Perhaps a timely warning of large corporations’ ability to divert our attention away from what really matters in the world: real birds rather than blue cartoon ones.


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