This is nuts: Bear Naked granola and Gaia GPS have launched a ‘nude-friendly’ hiking trail system

By on Friday, July 14, 2023

Nudist groups the world over advocate for the right to practice nudity, believing that the human body should be presented in its most natural form. Today, 14th July, marks National Nude Day, a day in which nudists can celebrate naturism however they please. To help support this celebration, Leo Burnett Chicago and Bear Naked granola have partnered with Gaia GPS to launch the first nude friendly hiking trail system, specifically designed to increase the accessibility of nude hiking.

Summer hikes can get hot, particularly over in America, where this campaign has been launched, and many hikers have surely thought that they’d be more comfortable with fewer layers on. Now, hikers will be able to enjoy Kellogg’s Bear Naked granola whilst trekking confidently, safely, and above all, nakedly, in the summer heat.

Nude hikers can use the Gaia GPS app to review over 300 trails and determine whether they are friendly to the naked wanderer, whether physically, or socially, using a discreet emoji code system. The collaboration between Bear Naked and Gaia GPS aims to give the nudist community the perfect resource to explore and enjoy the beauty of the natural world, whilst ensuring that all local laws are followed.

For those racy rovers who want to keep fuelled up, the brand have created a specially designed hiking belt that covers certain areas strategically with a bag of Bear Naked granola, which is available at for a limited time.

Sadie Garcia, senior director of brand marketing at Bear Naked, said “Every year, hikers across the country embark on these hikes to get as close to nature as possible. Connecting with nature is at the core of our company, and to help them along the way, we want to make sure they know which trails are friendly, and that they have something to bring along their favourite trail snack.”

Britt Nolan, president and chief creative officer of Leo Burnett, added: “Some people think all granola is the same, which can be boring. Naked hiking, on the other hand, is very much not boring, When your name is Bear Naked, you have to take advantage of that.”

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