Paddy Power deploys P.E.S.T to ‘Save Our Sport’ from disruptive protesting this summer

By on Monday, June 19, 2023

Paddy Power has taken a bold stance against disruptive protestors by introducing the Protest Exit Support Team (P.E.S.T). In an effort to maintain the integrity of live sports events, P.E.S.T offers a unique solution to deal with pesky protestors who employ troublesome tactics to gain attention during games – a massive hot air balloon of Paddy Powers’ ‘Lucky Pants’ to evacuate the spectators!

The launch of P.E.S.T comes after reports revealed that more than £100,000 had been spent on additional security measures for Royal Ascot, one of flat racing’s prestigious events.

According to a survey commissioned by Paddy Power, an overwhelming 81% of Brits agree that there should be no place for protests at live sports events. Additionally, 74% of respondents feel that disrupting sports events is detrimental to the protestors’ cause. The survey further reveals that 73% of participants believe protestors employing dangerous tactics to gain attention should be banned from attending all sports events. These statistics highlight the growing concern amongst the public regarding disruptive protesting during sporting occasions.

The patrol vessel takes an unconventional approach to address the issue of disruptive protesting – The initiative promises to attend “at-risk” events and provide a safe haven for sports lovers through free, carbon-neutral hot air balloon rides. Operating at an altitude of approximately 300 meters, the specially designed ‘Lucky Pants’ hot air balloon offers a platform to raise the profile of these demonstrators without endangering athletes, animals or spectators.

A spokesperson for Paddy Power stated, “We see you problematic protesters, and we’re offering to raise your profile…to a safe altitude of approximately 300meters.” With public support and a determination to tackle the issue head-on, Paddy Power aims to ‘Save Our Sport’ this summer.

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