Volkswagen installs ‘Blind Spots’ with shocking scenarios you don’t see head on

By on Wednesday, May 17, 2023

As with most vehicle crashes you often don’t see them coming, with a lot of them originating from your blind spots. 


In honour of Motorcycle Awareness Month this May, Volkswagen is shedding light on the critical issue of blind spots in South Africa. This country has unfortunately earned one of the highest rates of road accidents and casualties worldwide. The local government reports a staggering statistic: approximately 40 people lose their lives every day due to road crashes, resulting in a devastating annual death toll of 14,000. These alarming numbers emphasize the urgent need for increased awareness and improved road safety measures in South Africa. 

Volkswagen’s new driver safety system, IQ drive features a Blind Spot Monitor designed to detect hazards that may be less visible to the driver. Volkswagen along with Oglivy South Africa have created a series of life-sized ‘blind spots’ appearing flat upon first glance but revealing a lot more when viewed from the side. The displays were shown at Volkswagen dealerships and other public areas. 

The sculptures were created with one of the darkest paints commercially available. It absorbs 99% of visible light, truly making them hard to see. Volkswagen also allowed individuals to view the blind spots virtually, by utilising an augmented-reality filter on their smartphones, individuals can now see the true depth of artworks and objects located in these blind spots. This not only showcases Volkswagen’s IQ drive feature but also serves as a powerful reminder for motorists to maintain their vigilance on the road.  

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