New Pot Noodle campaign aims to fix Britain’s pot hole problem

By on Monday, April 3, 2023

Pot Noodle have teamed up with legendary anti-pot hole campaigner Mark Morrell, aka Mr Pothole, with their latest campaign: ‘Nothing fills a hole like Pot Noodle’.

The instant noodle brand has launched its campaign by filling in a series of potholes in the south of England with Pot Noodle. The campaign was achieved with the help of Mr Pothole, who has spent over a decade creating ways to highlight the pothole epidemic. It was recently revealed that one road every nine miles is in urgent need of repair, which this campaign aims to tackle. Mark Morrell’s previous ideas have included floating rubber ducks in potholes and providing them with birthday cakes to mark government inaction over the issue.

Mr Pothole said: “The pothole crisis across the UK is an increasingly serious issue and something I have been campaigning on for more than 10 years. Since nothing fills a hole like a Pot Noodle, who better to team up with to highlight the ridiculous state of the UK’s roads?”

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