That’s Juicy…Kraft joins forces with Juicy Couture for new collab

By on Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Kraft Mayo is encouraging mayo lovers to indulge their millennium fantasies after launching  a clothing collaboration with iconic Y2K lifestyle brand Juicy Couture. ‘The Smooth Lover’s’ collection is comprised of a dark blue velour tracksuit with ‘Smooth’ taking the place of ‘Juicy’ on the back, and a white velour tube top that reads ‘Mayo Couture.’ Both are written in the rhinestoned lettering that all fashionistas and Paris Hilton fans of the early aughts will remember.


“Kraft Real Mayo and Juicy Couture are both synonymous with being champions of those who revel in their individuality and are unafraid to stand up for what they love, making this partnership a match made in velvety heaven,” Kraft Real Mayo’s brand manager Frances Sabatier said in a statement.“‘The Smooth Lover’s’ collection is a celebration of what we love most about our fans, and we’re thrilled to offer them the first-ever mayo-infused couture to rotate into their wardrobe and express their individuality.”

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