You can now buy a €1M Lottery Ticket at Burger King

By on Friday, June 17, 2022

Yes, really. Burger King have transformed their iconic Whopper into a lottery ticket that could could secure you €1,000,000! The new “Whoppery” Lottery campaign allows customers to construct their burger in over 200,000 ways, with one combo being a winning ticket.

Customers can order and customise their own Whopper on the MyBK app, which will be saved and a random combination will be drawn. Should your Whopper match the one chosen at random, you’ll be walking out with €1M lining your pocket!

Danny Wilming, Head of Brand at Burger King Deustchaldn GmbH said: “Be your way stands for individuality and diversity and means for us that at Burger King everyone can be who they are. With the Whoppery competition, this even pays off handsomely for our fans: When do you ever have the chance  to win up to one million euros with your favourite Whopper? Individuality really does pay off at Burger King.”

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