KFC has created a designer handbag to store your chicken wrap.

By on Wednesday, April 27, 2022

KFC has created a handbag designed to store your chicken wrap.

With a practical insulating layer, you can keep your Twister Wrap warm whilst you dash to your next meet.

‘The Wrapuette’ bears striking similarities to a Prada designer bag, and it comes with a Prada-esque price tag.

The KFC Wrapuette is priced at £198 (with all proceeds going towards the KFC Foundation) but is already sold-out on the website.

The fashion accessory is made with Italian leather and handcrafted by Savile Row artisans, and even comes with a KFC keychain.

KFC describe the piece on their website as “traditionally luxurious and highly innovative”, stating: “The exclusive Wrapuette Handbag is dedicated to the seamless transportation of your KFC Twister Wrap.

Agency: Freuds

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