Dave celebrates the nation’s ‘return to work’ with a series of short films

By on Friday, April 1, 2022

British TV channel, Dave, has celebrated the nation’s return to work with a series of short comedic films, which highlight the issues employees face adapting to life in the real-world post-pandemic.

Narrated by comedian Darren Harriott, the films poke fun at the many ‘joys’ of returning to office life, which many will undoubtedly recognise…

From the daily commute to the awkwardness of social reintegration – do you fist bump your colleague or dare to hug? To the smaller, daily dilemmas of working life, such as dressing for meetings and maintaining exercise regimes, the mini-series explores a host of issues in vivid detail and with the brand’s unmistakable British humour at heart.

Dave channel director, Cherie Cunningham said: “At Dave, we’re aware the return to the office might take a bit of time to adapt to. In true Dave style, we’re here to remind everyone that we’re all in this together, and as great as it is seeing everyone again, there are some things about being back in the office that we’ve missed more than others!”

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