One Ocean launches ‘Fashion Fish’, a campaign courtesy of all the hottest brands you know and love

By on Monday, February 21, 2022

Last week was London Fashion Week, and with it came plenty of popular fashion brands with surprisingly poor sustainable practices.

To help draw attention to the issue, Just One Ocean has launched Fashion Fish, a luxury boutique store featuring live fish contaminated with microplastic fibres – from brands such as Hugo Bass, Urban Troutfitters, and Victoria’s Seahorse. A whopping 35% of the microplastics in the ocean come from synthetic materials and are then ingested by fish, causing aneurysms, respiratory problems, and excessive egg production.

From the18-23rd of February, the boutique will be open to the public near key London Fashion Week sites and fast fashion hotspot Oxford Circus. People can visit in-store or online to browse the fashion fish, learn about the harm fashion brands are doing to fish and how they can adopt more sustainable habits. Check out their webpage for more info

David Jones, founder, and CEO of Just One Ocean: “The Fashion Fish boutique is one we wish we didn’t have to open. Unfortunately, time is running out and the fashion industry needs to take more responsibility for the damage they are doing to the environment. If we switch to a circular economy we can stop the world’s sea life from becoming the biggest fashion victim of them all.”

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