Burger King Belgium solves mystery of the iconic gold medal bite

By on Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Burger King has finally answered the question behind why athletes feel the urge to bite their medals…

And of course it’s because these elite beings, whilst becoming evermore hungry for gold, simply wish it was a Whopper!

For the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Burger King Belgium is offering people a free Whopper burger for every bite on a medal captured.

All participants have to do to claim their reward is take a screenshot when they see an athlete biting their medal and post the photo on social media along with the hashtag #WishItWasAWhopper.

Buzzman created the campaign, with the ad’s slogan ‘Bite into a tasty medal’ leaving viewers with the thought ‘Better than gold, no?’

The ‘Whopper Medals’ competition will run on Burger King Belgium’s social accounts from July 27th until the end of the Olympic Games on August 8th.


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