The Nacho Cheese ‘Dip-Spencer’ protecting you from those Double Dippers

By on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Double dipping, the act that could break up a blossoming friendship or even give you the ‘ick’ with that special someone. LA-based team Juanita’s Foods have created the ultimate device to save those relationships but also protect you from double-dip germs.

As Lockdown Ends, This Nacho Cheese 'Dip-Spenser' Protects You Against 'Double Dippers'

As the world begins to reopen after a year to ourselves, Juanita Food’s are eliminating the double-dip germ-judging stares when sharing food with their Dip-Spencer. Juanita’s Food are the makers of the Nacho Cheese Sauce paired with their authentic Mexican-inspired dishes made to share. The Nacho Cheese ‘Dip-Spencer’ is ideal for the perfect amount of Nacho Cheese Sauce but also for the ultimate double dip.

This has been announced ahead of 4th July parties – America’s first post-lockdown get-together. The Dip-Spencer holds a whole lot of similarities to the hand sanitizer dispensers we’ve come to know over the last year.

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