‘Zuzeum’ delivers Art exhibition on food delivery app ‘Wolt’

By on Wednesday, March 24, 2021

As the world of hospitality and entertainment was forced to close its doors during the pandemic, the Zuzeum Art Centre in Riga – home to an extensive art collection – began to think outside the box and beyond their 3000 m² gallery space.

With the attraction towards food delivery apps continuing to rise, the time spent on them now equating to the major social networking platforms, Zuzeum capitalised on this with the introduction of a ‘special’, first of it’s kind restaurant on leading food delivery app ‘Wolt’.

Zuzeum Art Preview’ is a virtual menu-type exhibition that enables users of the Wolt application to add their favourite Artists and works of Art to their basket, alongside their choice of food.

Scrolling through the artwork pieces, categorised as snacks, mains and desserts, users can personalise their order and to finalise it, ‘cutlery’ is required – an open date ticket to Zuzeum that will be valid when restrictions are lifted and the museum reopens.

A courier will then deliver a package to your door, including the tickets and personalised guides for future visits – making for the perfect aperitif to your meal!

Behind the campaign was Little Good Agency in Riga, who saw this as an exciting opportunity to extend the uses of Wolt to an educational and inspiring channel.

Agnese Kleina, Zuzeum director and concept author, says “Art institutions, like artists, must be innovators, not passive observers. It simply came to our notice then. May it be an art exhibition in the right place, but intuitively!”

Photo Credits – Apollo.lv

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