Volvo and FamousGrey have released the world’s first blindspot billboard on the busiest road in Brussels.

By on Thursday, February 4, 2021

As the number of cyclists in cities rises, so too does the amount of cycling-related accidents. For this reason, Volvo is reminding the public of the importance of blind spots, as it’s the number one cause of serious or fatal bicycle accidents.

Using a motion-sensitive radar the billboard measures in real-time the distance of an oncoming cyclist as it approaches the display – the same technology being used in many of their cars from as early as 2004.

The otherwise invisible cyclist is clearly displayed on the screen and can be viewed right up until they appear from behind it. To ensure the digital display is visible at all times, the screen has a light and dark mode depending on the time of day.

Lolita Swanet, marketing manager at Volvo said: ‘”Making each driver a Safer Driver is the central premise of our Salon campaign, but it is also why Volvo has always been an innovator. With this idea, we’re making the road a lot safer, for everyone.”

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