McDonald’s takes ownership of 90’s hairstyle with first Golden M Barber Shop

By on Thursday, December 10, 2020

McDonald’s Sweden and Stockholm based agency NORD DDB have taken ownership of the infamous 90’s middle parting hairstyle by creating their own barbershop.

Just as Beckham, Carter, and DiCaprio did thirty years ago the iconic look is once again back in fashion. McDonald’s have of course capitalised on this by creating their very own Golden M Barber Shop – with one hairstyle in mind.

“When we realised that people were wearing our Golden Arches, we had to act. We started the M Barber Shop not only to guard our Golden M, but also to claim it once and for all. The salon is a celebration dedicated to our beloved ambassadors – a helping hand to guide them on how to keep their M’s in perfect trim, even when we can’t move around as freely as we usually can”, says Staffan Ekstam, marketing director at McDonald’s Sweden.

After two hours of the campaign going live, the barbershop was booked out. People could also join video sessions with influencer/stylist Adam Lukacs who gave them a step by step guide for the ultimate Golden Arched trim.

Furthermore, a Golden M detector app was created. Anyone rocking the famous trim could take a selfie and have the app analyse the specific measurements of their golden arches. If the AI identifies you as a Golden M, you’ll receive a free big Mac in store.

“We believe in hijacking ongoing conversations rather than creating new ones. And if that means opening a barbershop and spending hundreds of hours on machine learning to be able to detect Golden M’s world-wide, then that’s exactly what we are gonna do”, says Anna Salonen, Daga Simonsson, and Tobias Bergenwall, creatives and creative director at Nord DDB.

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