2020 in a can – Jimmy Brings and R/GA Australia create a terrible drink to commemorate an even worse year

By on Wednesday, December 23, 2020

If 2020 were a drink, what would it taste like?

R/GA Australia and Jimmy Brings have partnered to create a drink with a mix of signature “2020 ingredients” to say good riddance to a terrible year.

Using mixologists at Brewtopia and poorly reviewed ingredients the team managed to concoct a series of disgusting batches of beer, which they of course tested on famous Australian influencers

For a limited time, customers can get their hands on an exclusive run of 2,020 disgusting-tasting brews that go down just like 2020 did – horribly.

Jamie Gagliardi, head of marketing, Jimmy Brings, says: “We tried and tested all sorts of horrible flavours – sourdough starter, olive brine, black jelly beans, toothpaste – and have landed on a drink that we think commemorates the year we’ve all endured.”

To bring light to the end of 2020 and help one brave soul kickstart their 2021, Jimmy Brings is offering up a 2021 VISA Card and free delivery through 2021 if they can drink the whole 2020 concoction, film it, and share it on Instagram with #toast2020goodbye and @jimmybrings.

Customers can receive ‘2020 in a can’ for free with any order over $20 – available on the Jimmy Brings app or online via here.

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