IKEA & Pizza Hut create life-sized versions of the tiny tables that come in pizza boxes

By on Thursday, March 12, 2020

IKEA and Pizza Hut Hong Kong have collaborated on a new pizza recipe that uses IKEA’s famous meatballs as a special topping. On top of that, they’ve also created a life-sized version of the miniature tables you get in your pizza boxes called Säva 

Remaining true to the Ikea brand, this specially designed pizza table will come flat packed inside a pizza box alongside your Swedish meatball pizza.

The campaign began with both brands leaving clues on their social media, swapping posts of a Pizza Hut delivery driver asleep inside an IKEA store and a eureka moment in a boardroom among others. 

“We’ve been absolutely thrilled to see the launch the new Pizza Hut x IKEA pizza with a fun, cheeky campaign that has proven to be quite popular with the fans already on the first day! This is a great pizza, and this campaign really shows how collaborations can really benefit the fans – not just the brands.”

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