The #RainforestFireChannel is a festive fireplace with a message

By on Thursday, December 19, 2019

The classic Yule Log fireplace has had an environmental makeover. This season, the #RainforestFireChannel is streaming real footage of the Amazon Rainforest burning instead.

The idea is part of the first ever holiday initiative for the Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) by agency Zulu Alpha Kilo. 

“By transforming an old holiday staple, we wanted to make the message relevant again during the holiday season,” stated Zak Mroueh, Founder & CCO of Zulu Alpha Kilo.

During the summer, the fires were all over the news, but have since faded from the public eye. The burning has caused the highest rate of destruction to the Amazon in more than a decade, with damage increasing by nearly 30% in the last year.

The live-stream will bring the Amazon back to the top of feeds and front of minds, as its broadcast across social media throughout December. 

Festive fireplaces have never been as important as this one, reminding people that every second that passes, the Amazon is still burning. 

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