PETA releases ‘The Secret Lives of Animals’

By on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

PETA has just released a provocative and distressful “children’s book for adults”. The book uses nursery rhymes and sweet illustrations—plus a sound feature of different animal screams—to convey the horrors that animals endure in laboratories and marine parks, on hunting ranches, in the meat industry, and elsewhere.

The Secret Lives of Animals, created for PETA by provocative Miami ad agency The Community, is “the first sound book that shows you how animals really sound.”

The sound buttons play actual audio of real animals screaming and the singsong nursery rhymes actually tell the fate of each of the animals.

In one story a dolphin is trapped in a cramped tank can only cry out as she swims in endless circles while hauling humans by her dorsal fin. “No room to play, And no room to think, No room to break, Not even to sink,” the text read.

The digital copy is available to flip through for free here. PETA has also produced a 19-page hardcover version for purchase for US$19.99.

For those interested in learning how they can help they can go to the books ‘How to Help’ page or support PETA at

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