WATCH: 800 shapeshifting drones take to the sky to create giant airplane

By on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Attendees of the Nanchang Flight Convention in China looked up as hundreds of drones came together to light up the sky with a display featuring a huge aeroplane.

The show’s designed to amaze visitors and shine a spotlight on state of the art aviation, space travel and drone technology.

It’s the grand finale of the convention, showcasing Nanchang’s aviation industry.

The air show started with a bang as the audience watched the drones lift off.

They formed the shape of a propeller plane, evolving into a modern plane, followed by other aircraft, including a helicopter.

A Swarm of 800 Drones Create a Giant Airplane in the Sky

Drone technology and research have led to the creation of algorithms which enable mini-drones to move together. Drone advancements will allow them to carry out numerous positive roles in the future, from search and rescue to blood deliveries.

They’re likely to become an important part of daily life but, for now, the choreographed, dancing light show spectacular makes quite the showstopper.


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