Bombay Sapphire needs you to help an industrial robot paint a mural

By on Monday, September 2, 2019

Bombay Sapphire have launched a giant, crowdsourced artwork that’s painted in real time by industrial robot arms.

The robot responds to brush stroke submissions by visitors  – via branded website.

According to Forbes ‘The installation will allow consumers across the country to express their creative talents by participating in a crowd sourced canvas.’

The 27-by-9-foot canvas is located in an outdoor shopping centre in Los Angeles.

On completion the artwork will be displayed at The Other Art Fair LA, taking place from Sept. 5-8.

“Everyone has what it takes, but it is difficult to find the time, resources and confidence to unleash their artistic abilities,” says Bombay Sapphire brand director Tom Spaven. “By tapping into the undiscovered creative potential within ourselves, we cultivate more distinctive identities, which in turn create more interesting, vibrant communities.”

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