Virgin Atlantic ditches pin-up girl designs for diverse icons

By on Friday, August 30, 2019

Sir Richard Branson’s new fleet of Airbus A350s will display icons of a diverse range of men and women “representing modern Britain”.

For the past 35 years its aircraft have featured a ‘Varga’ Girl image, inspired by pin-up girl art made famous by Alberto Vargas in the 1930s.

Today first of its 12 new Airbus A350 aircraft has a black woman wearing a ruffled cropped white blouse and red shorts on the front reports The Daily Mail.

Instead, Sir Richard Branson’s company said it would display a diverse range of men and women “representing modern Britain”.

Images on other new planes will include a black man and a gay man, with the carrier saying it will be the first in the world to have male figureheads on its aircrafts.


Earlier this year the airline has stopped telling female cabin crew they have to wear make-up.




7 comments on Virgin Atlantic ditches pin-up girl designs for diverse icons

  1. Avatar Ray Cooke says:

    Has anyone else noticed the Union flag on the aircraft shown is upside down?

  2. Avatar D.R.Northam says:

    Why ??????. WE are a Christian country. ie man wife or partner have children ..if possible…. yes we accept that man woman may be black white or of different orientation..but Richard , why do we have it rammed down our uk throats. you were brought up this country. so why not have a white man woman and child on one of your planes then you would be political correct

  3. Avatar Mike M says:

    The flag is NOT upside down Mr Cooke.

    The thicker white band should be at the top of the hoist (flagpole) side. She is the flagpole, with the flag trailing, hence, correctly oriented.

  4. Avatar Pauline Maddison says:

    Does not matter about sexual orientation we are not in the dark ages as some people would like about time Virgin updated their planes

  5. Avatar Dave says:

    I agree with changing the image, but also, at the same time, I am not offended by the existing images. Black man and gay man to show diversity. No mention of a straight white man, are we not allowed to show images like that

  6. Avatar D says:

    The WE you are referring to includes people of many ethnicities, beliefs and sexual orientation. Get with the program and get a grip.

  7. Avatar Mr Richard Kelly says:

    D.R Northam – Not all of us are Christian …. This country has a plethora of OTHER religions and beliefs. We are a melting pot of different people with different views and a wonderfully diverse culture. Well done Virgin for acknowledging this fact.If you are THAT Christian perhaps you should practise what you preach. Personally I’m atheist, but doesn’t your God love all ………

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